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A bit about me.

My name is Danny, I am a passionate and enthusiastic full stack developer with experience in software, hybrid app and web development, including systems administration. I am always keen to be ahead on new technology and always trying out new langages and libraries to stay ahead, my personal favourite stack is MEVN (MySQL; instead of MongodDB, Express, Vue.JS, Node.JS). I spend a lot of time programming and have some amazing projects that I am working on in my own time, and always enjoy a bit of Minecraft here and there; and love to play Drums! My favourite language is TypeScript and my code editor of choice is VSCode.

Skills / Languages / Frameworks

I am fully confident and proficient in the following: HTML, CSS, SCSS, SASS, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Vue.JS, Node.JS, Dart, PHP, Symfony 4+, Joomla, Wordpress, Custom-built MVC, Lua.

I have experience in many languages, but I specialise in JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.JS, Electron, Vue.JS, PHP (Symfony), Real-Time Applications, and Simulcast streaming solutions. I am comfortable with MySQL, Redis and SQLite. I also have experience with software based languages like: Java, Lua and Golang.

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Docker / Container Development
  • Code Documentation
  • Mobile / Desktop App Development
  • Systems Administration
  • Leadership / Management Skills

Accomplishments / My Projects

Client website launches and my personal projects I am working on, the below will list everything and anything, you can click image to take you to the website if it is released!

Salcey Move Website

Salcey Move Launch!

One of my clients recently launched their website in December after I had rebuilt it from scratch to help them grow and so they have a developer to grow with them.

Coming Soon

PageStack [Not Released]

Working on an amazing project called PageStack which is a headless CMS system with built in page builder, and data builder, with support for lambda functions.

Coming Soon

AtomStack [Not Released]

This is a docker control platform I am working on that can launch and manage containers, for web applications, as well as game servers with a custom fallback system to replicate if the container becomes unavailable.