I am a full stack web developer with good knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP and Magento. I also do a lot of hobbyist programming in Lua, C++, Java, HaXe, Go, Dart, and C#. I currently am a web developer for a company building a web product we offer to clients and help work on new ideas that I present which can fill a hole. I love creativity and love web development for the pure fact of how expansive and dynamic websites can be now. I currently am working on some new ideas which go on my own hosted git server, and am always happy to work on something new and enjoy a challenge.

Other Sites on my server

Personal Blog

Here I post about my life and things that I am working on and maybe even useful things to know.

Lua Web Browser

This is my current project with a team of about 5 of us we are working to make a custom web browser for Lua with custom languages.

Discover Library

A library of API's online, including a userdb, social network and more.

ComputerCraft Emulator

An online emulator made by 1lann and GravityScore, amended by me (in progress) to work with CC1.78.

Personal Git Server

This is where I store my personal projects, want some space, just send me an email.

Helios Network Site

A website for my StarMade server, where I run a server for anyone to come and play on.

NexHub Web App

A web application linking up the NexCore and Acora servers, with all the information needed.

Online IDE

An online integrated development environment for coding, testing, with multiple plugins to help you work faster.

App Store

An App Store website me and a friend worked on coded using AngularJS, jQuery and more.



Here is where you can see my work I do for current job, to get a feel about my development.


I offer the following services:

If you are interested, then please send me an email at danny.smc95@gmail.com, and I am happy to arrange a time where we can have a call or meeting to discuss your ideas and pricing.

Get In Touch

Have a question? Want me to help with something or want to ask about the services I offer?